Mobile Means: Mobile for Public Relations

Breaking news images are no longer only supplied by a fearless front-line photographers working for major news outlets. These first powerful images come from mobile phone cameras (Bus Bombings in London and Madrid, Great Hanshin Earthquake, Uprisings in Egypt and Libya and others)

Mobile is making it”s way into a lot of different spaces, and one recently is Public Relations. A few ideas:

A campaign could lead to someone in a shop viewing a product and then running a Google search or scanning a barcode. This would then show localized results and reviews. This helps make that final decision for the customer while the product is in front of them.

Sort of a mobile “closer”.

Mobile can also be used to interact and communicate with key contacts. A text message is a far more immediate and less intrusive way of pinging someone about new information. Mobile allows recipients to opt-in to these sms”s and you”re in their pocket.

At B2B events companies can offer online casino a passive lead capture through mobile. Users can scan a code or bar with their phone and follow that companies social media presence or enter their information to be contacted.

PR campaigns have an immediate effect, so consultants need to be au fait with all the tools at their disposal to be able to influence. As mobile grows, the reach of using mobile as a communication channel grows.

A great public relations firm acts fast, and it doesn”t get much faster than mobile.