Mobile Means For…

Mobile is an interesting beast. Some of us use it to pass the time when we’re stuck on the train, stuck in line, or just stuck with a few minutes to kill.

Games, social media, instant news updates, this is the appeal of mobile. Up to the second info that’s relevant to you.

What’s been neglected is the internal usage of mobile. Enterprise solutions that make your workers more productive, you business more efficient, and your bottom line greener.

Here’s some cool ways we’ve seen mobile put to use in a couple of different industries.

Sales Teams

Salesman with an iPad — Even Bill G knows the benefits of a mobile pitch

-Improved efficiency with up to the second updates on leads and deals

-Improved communication and response time by being able to securely send pictures, presentations and proposals via mobile

-Improved sales pitches by trading in the pamphlets and flip-boards for mobile web and iPads

The best salespeople aren’t sitting in front of their computers all day checking email, (if it were only so easy). What they are checking is their cell phone. Every five minutes. Using mobile within your sales team means that what you used do at the office you can do in the field.



  • Fill out tedious insurance forms through an App and never go searching for a form again
  • Fully manage your book of business from your smartphone while in the field
  • Get signatures via mobile and process in real time
  • Get up to the second updates on everything from clients and claims to policy changes


  • Market and promote your insurance products with a mobile website or app
    • Provide rate estimator and free quotes
    • ‘Find an agent’ feature that points leads to the nearest office and offers tap-to-call
    • Turn your paper marketing materials into lead capture machines, allowing users to scan a code (on paper) with their phone and connect their information to your database


  • Mobile VIN-Scan means taking an inventory of an automobile in a fraction of the time
  • Using mobile forms and API calls, large fleet companies can do routine maintenance checks (including photos) on-site and have that data stored for processing
  • GPS Technology allows internal users of an app to be more efficient by finding out who’s closest to a new pickup or project and dispatch them through a notification

Mobile technology goes far beyond mobile marketing, building apps and games. In many instances it’s more efficient than previously standard business practices. DevelopmentNow looks forward to a future that not only sees a your smartphone as something to use to pass the time, but to save time as well.