When Teaming Up Makes Sense – DevelopmentNow

Do you do your own taxes? Do you change your own oil? Cut your own hair? Even for the biggest micro-manager or penny-pincher, you can’t do it all yourself. If you could, you probably weren’t doing enough to start.

DevelopmentNow is unique in that we can jump in at different points in projects. Whether you’re already knee deep in your project and needing a boost or just getting started with an idea and investment, we can fast-track you to where you need to be. While other companies require that they host, (and you pay them to host), we are able to work at our client’s request with regard to hosting, source code control and other things that might otherwise stall a team up.

Recently, a client came to us most of the way finished with their Social Media project. Although the client was a very skilled coder themselves, they were stuck and could not launch. Days of frustration spent searching for a fix. He contacted us and in hours our expert had solved the problem. Whether it was past experience and expertise or just a fresh set of eyes that prevailed, the partnership was a win-win.

Sometimes it’s all about what piece of the puzzle you hold.

In-house IT teams have the advantage of being, well, in-house. Often projects come along where teaming up makes more sense for a number of reasons. In the ever-changing continually competitive Mobile+Social world, we separate ourselves by being able to seamlessly work with your guys to get the job done fast.