Our Process

We’re an agile, process-driven agency with significant experience in enterprise project management, software development methodologies, formal QA and UAT cycles, and industry best practices.

Your Dedicated Account Team


Each client has an experienced, dedicated project manager who will provide a project plan and act as a point of contact for the project, ensuring that dates, status, responsibilities are communicated and that the project progresses smoothly.

Cross-Team Collaboration


We work within existing teams, processes, and tools to complement your team across departments. We can integrate with your current workflow, whether it is a lightweight agile process or a large-scale formal methodology involving multiple teams and layers of information.

Our projects are composed of six phases


We begin our projects with a formal Discovery Phase, where we review goals and requirements, develop design concepts, and produce documentation to guide the project. The phase ends with all parties understanding timelines and responsibilities, and with a common vision behind the visual and functional aspects of the project.


We utilize an iterative approach to development, where we update our clients as milestones and features are completed. This allows us to provide clients with a “sneak peek” at features on our development servers during the actual development process, shortening the overall project cycle and gaining valuable feedback early in the project process.

Quality Assurance / User Acceptance Testing

While some testing occurs during the development cycle itself, we then use a variety of professional testing techniques in our QA cycle, including black box and white box testing, formal ticketing systems, and device testing.

We utilize not only proprietary HTML heuristics and years of experience, but dozens of emulators, browsers, and techniques to ensure that your project functions correctly across a wide variety of scenarios and users.

Lastly, we involve the client during the QA phase for their feedback and eventual acceptance of the project.


The launch phase is planned at the beginning of the project. We provide contingency planning and hands-on support during the launch phase to ensure that everything goes smoothly.


We consider support a part of every successful project, in case issues occur or enhancements are requested in the future. As a full-service company, we feel it is important to not only service our clients successfully during the development and launch of a project, but be available for them in the future as their needs and businesses grow.


After launch, we move into an agile, sprint-based model to assist in prioritizing and deploying features based on market conditions, business goals, and user feedback. We collaborate with the client to collect, review, and take action based on analytics and customer feedback.

Our Tools

We use collaborative tools such as:

  • Basecamp
  • Slack
  • JIRA
  • and many others to ensure that information is captured and shared effectively.

We utilize dedicated development servers and source control, project management software, document repositories, and virtual conferencing systems.