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Time Warner Cable

A Dual ECommerce and Support Experience

American telecommunications giant Time Warner Cable approached the DevelopmentNow team with a tricky two-fold challenge: Create a seamless mobile experience with the functionality of a desktop site, and create a Customer Support portal that will increase user satisfaction and reduce overhead costs.

Time Warner had performed a majority of their sales and service via desktop site and in-person. Recognizing that many of their users preferred a mobile experience, the team tasked DevelopmentNow with creating a mobile experience that would help increase sales for Small Business, Medium and Enterprise, and Industry Solutions while boosting customer satisfaction and experience. With millions of customers, Time Warner also needed to provide mobile users with an easy way to troubleshoot and communicate with Customer Support.

twc residential chat Time Warner Cable Residential Mobile Site Support Chat


Fast Data Aggregation to Boost Customer Experience

With such an array of services, important information in lived multiple places in the Time Warner system. The DevelopmentNow team had to consolidate all of this information into one place that could be easily digested by millions of Time Warner Customers. Our team built a scalable data platform using a proprietary data translation and aggregation engine whose main job was to gather data from a blend of APIs, databases, and digital properties and provide consolidated, understandable content to the company’s 100 million mobile users.

The final mobile experience included lead generation, a mobile chat client, customer support, and sales capabilities.


Expanding User Base and Customer Satisfaction

Time Warner Cable secured millions of dollars of additional revenue from mobile users. The mobile-friendly chat platform, plus a comprehensive content and cross-selling strategy generated millions of dollars in sales while saving Time Warner Cable six figures in customer support costs.

DevelopmentNow deployed a proprietary A/B mobile advertising platform to promote the new Time Warner Cable mobile experience to over 100 million users.

In 2015, the company reported the strongest subscriber growth since 2009.

Over 20,000 unique Time Warner Cable customers visit the mobile experience per month.

Chris Heck
DevelopmentNow jumped right into a complex project. They had an impressive turnaround time for an interim site and the fully scoped mobile site. I was impressed with the timelines in which they were able to turn things around. It's rare that you see that, especially with the quality of the work they did. We haven't had to touch the site since it's been up and running.
– Chris Heck, Senior Manager of Enterprise Customer Portals

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