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Ready Auto Transport 1Dispatch

Making the Leap to Digital Efficiency

Ready Auto Transport offers full-service transportation services for automotive dealers, auctions, commercial clients and car owners nationwide. The company moves an average of 1.8 million vehicles a year. As expected, those 1.8 million transactions took a lot of paperwork. Therefore, the team needed to update the outdated logistics of their national transportation system, 1Dispatch. The company had been using traditional paper methods, and was eager to streamline these processes and make the leap to digital.

The Ready Auto Transport team approached DevelopmentNow to provide strategic direction and an easy-to-use mobile product for 1Dispatch, while also designing a user experience that would have a positive impact on the company’s supply chain management.


In-depth User Experience Research

As part of our process, we sent our Senior Digital Producer James Cliburn on a user experience research mission to get into the shoes of potential users, and explore their needs firsthand. After spending countless hours doing ride-alongs with truck drivers, shippers, and carriers in the field, James and the rest of the DevelopmentNow team worked with Ready Auto Transport to match their findings with the company’s business goals.


Streamlining Processes to Save Time and Money

DevelopmentNow worked hard to discover what drivers really needed, which included fast, accurate access to a new mobile interface that organized data about the company’s auto transportation system in a clean, easy to use app.

It’s not easy to display large data-sets in real-time to users on the go in a high stakes environment. DevelopmentNow built the 1Dispatch app to give all stakeholders access to accurate data, fast. DevelopmentNow created a workflow that allows truck drivers to easily manage their loads and conduct inspections at pick-up and delivery sites using a variety of smart devices. The technology connects client and industry partner data to an exclusive network of over 6,500 qualified carrier partners to simplify the vehicle movement process while providing updates and reporting. The app also manages transport notifications and status to customers in real time.

driver's list of loads. A 1Dispatch Driver’s list of Loads to be picked up and delivered.

A Powerful, Consistent Tool

1Dispatch is now processing a majority of transactions, reducing paperwork and increasing quality and delivery times. It is consistently rated nearly 5 stars in the app store by drivers who use it on a daily basis to complete their deliveries.

Gretchen Parker
It's so refreshing that it's actually a reality…AND it is much better than what we envisioned!
– Gretchen Parker, Operations Project Manager

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