Engaged students learn faster in the connected classroom

VisionME by Netop

Managing a Digital Classroom

Netop needed to design a user experience that created a more connected classroom. The experience needed to allow teachers and students to interact in a live classroom setting with real-time multi-way feedback and learning assessment capabilities. The average teacher had 5-50+ apps plus 2-20+ membership sites available for them to use in classroom management, and no way to streamline all of that information.

DevelopmentNow created VisionME, an easy to use and implement classroom tool, helping teachers do more in less time, enhance learning, and keep students safe. 


Monitoring Student Screens

With VisionME, teachers are able to see what’s happening on all student screens. The distinct teacher and student user experiences worked together to improve the classroom dynamic. Teachers immediately know if someone struggling with a lesson, on social media, or cheating on a test by seeing live views of all student screens on their computer. VisionME also offers students a new way to be engaged in their classroom experience by offering teacher/student real-time chat and live presentation displays. Teachers can even customize their view to match the classroom layout, and simply press a button to lock student screens to redirect attention.


Facilitate Learning by Sharing Screens

No need for whiteboards or handouts – Every student gets a front row seat by sharing teacher screens on student devices.

A Top Educational Application

Both the teacher and student versions of VisionME are considered among the top apps in the educational space for classroom use. Scholastic named VisionME as one of its latest and greatest education-friendly tech tools of 2015.  Netop also showcased VisionME at the Bett educational conference in London to over 35,000 attendees from 113 countries.

Ronny Tovgaard
DevelopmentNow helped us understand mobile and integrate it in a way that made sense. They were able to easily work within our team that had multiple moving parts. Teachers who participated in VisionME testing told us that they believe the product has the potential to change the way educators think about teaching in iPad classrooms.
– Ronny Tovgaard, Senior Vice President of Education

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