Exploring Emerging Technology in a Physical Space

Project 11

A Unique Interactive Experience

The DevelopmentNow team needed an event display for TechFest Northwest to highlight our technical capabilities and interest in Artificial Intelligence and emerging technology.

The goal of Project 11 was to provide viewers with a unique interactive technological experience, not unlike something that would fit in a high-tech retail environment. Imagine a customer walks into a store and is greeted by an intelligent product display – Using voice recognition, they are able to ask the display for a size, ask about colorways, or order the product for delivery to their home. This is the potential of the technology behind Project 11. 


Inspired by Netflix hit show “Stranger Things,” Project 11 is an interactive display board using Artificial Intelligence and LED lights, allowing the user to vocally or digitally ask any question and receive an answer through an Alphabet wall of lights and numbers – truly exploring the relationship between humans and the potential of interactive environments.


Project 11

Originally, the DevelopmentNow team built a beautiful retro-themed application complete with a robust hardware component to round out a total interactive experience. Version 2 of Project 11 (unveiled at Design Week Portland 2017) included an additional Voice UX component. The additional feature allowed you to speak to the display by using an old-fashioned handset telephone. We used voice recognition, sound effects, and transformed a physical space to give a truly spooky experience. Interacting with Project 11 was the last step in our Design Week Open House Scavenger Hunt experience.


From MVP to Full Immersive Experience

The Labs group met 2 times a week in an Agile Scrum fashion to tackle this project in the same style as a client project. We first started with the idea of wanting an interactive booth. With experience using AI and Chatbots, we knew this wasn’t too far-fetched. Through a series of iterative brainstorming sessions, we identified a solid MVP for this time frame. We capitalized on each of our unique talents to build, code, and design an interactive booth display with a “Stranger Things” theme.

Project 11 has allowed the DevelopmentNow team to further explore the possibilities of AI and emerging technology solutions. By practicing our existing knowledge while also quickly adopting new ideas, the team is able to then turn around and offer this expertise to clients. Agency partners can use this technology and our knowledge to add to their service offerings, and direct brands can use this technology in adaptive and immersive environments, providing a deeper connection with their consumers. Project 11 brings many of these components together in one place.


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