Not Your Average Tech Meetup

There is no shortage of tech meet ups here in Portland, and we’ve been to quite a few; but none quite like this. This past Tuesday a group of us […]

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Written By Ashley Zagst

The Story of Bright Pot

Who among us hasn’t killed a houseplant or two? Or maybe 10? With the memory of a recently deceased office fern fresh in our minds, the DevNow FedEx team conceived […]

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Written By The Bright Pot Team

First Steps with Android Accessibility and Talkback

Part 1: Turn it on and focus! Does this warning about a missing contentDescription sum up the extent of your awareness of accessibility on Android? That’s OK. That was me […]

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Written By Daryl Seaver

Sketch and Zeplin Production Flow

Bohemian Coding’s Sketch makes producing creative assets for our projects super easy, and Zeplin allows our developers to get to these assets pain-free. What helps this production flow is ensuring our designers prep […]

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Written By James Cliburn

Rectangular Reveal Animation

Happy November 2016! Today we will be creating a simple rectangular reveal animation within an Android app. This animation can be modified in many different ways to fit your needs. […]

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Written By Yelena Belikova

4 Things We Learned About Security From Pokemon Go

As we’ve discussed here before, we like Pokémon Go a lot. It’s given us new perspective on similar projects we’ve built before. While the technology underlying the game–GPS, the Unity […]

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Written By Brendan Adkins

6 Ways To Get More Out Of Your Project Stand-ups

At a recent Scrum event in Portland, I had a good discussion with some fellow project managers from a large local organization on the topic of daily stand-ups (aka the […]

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Written By Ryan Brown