Massive business impact by converting customers through mobile.

Time Warner Cable

The Challenge

Create a mobile ecommerce user experience to maximize upselling and lead generation with content available on the desktop experience.


DevelopmentNow created a proprietary content translation engine, which aggregated API and web-scraped content into a restful API that was consumed by a cross-device mobile UI.

The final mobile experience included lead generation, mobile chat client, customer support, and sales/upselling capabilities.


Time Warner Cable generated millions of dollars of additional revenue from mobile users thanks to DevelopmentNow’s solution and saved customer support costs as a direct result of the mobile chat client created by DevelopmentNow.

Over 20,000 unique Time Warner Cable customers visited the mobile experience per month for an average of 1:21.

twc residential chat Time Warner Cable Residential Mobile Site Support Chat

DevelopmentNow has been very responsive. We have certainly enjoyed working with them.

Chris Heck
Senior Manager of Enterprise Customer Portals

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